Fine arts museum of Dijon, the tomb of the dukes


The art museum of Dijon located in the duke’s palace is the main museum of Dijon. It has a nice collection of painting and sculptures and it’s especially interesting for the tombs of the dukes of Burgundy.

The fine arts museum of Dijon is located in the center of the old district and it’s one of the best attractions of the city. I was a kid the first time I visited the museum with my school and I still like to go there at least once a year.

The palace of the dukes of Burgundy

The museum is inside the palace of the dukes of Burgundy. The palace itself is wonderful and the entrance of the museum, “la cour de bar”, has a beautiful old stairway typical of the middle ages.

cour de bar

The palace was built in the 3rd century. It was the home of the dukes of Burgundy until 1477. After that date the palace used to host the king of France and its representatives.

The square in front of the palace (la place de la liberation) was first built by the king of France to show its power. Now it’s a lovely pedestrian area with lots of pubs where some events happen for Christmas or the music day.

The tomb of the dukes of Burgundy

The room of Philippe le Bon hosts the tombs of two dukes of Burgundy: Jean with no fear (Jean sans Peur) and Philip the bold (Philippe le Hardi).

tomb jean no fear

The tomb of Jean with no fear was ordered by his son Philip the good (Philippe le Bon) in 1443. Beautiful and small statues of mourners circle each tomb. These tombs are considered to be ones of the most splendid of the middle ages.

The collection of Dijon art museum

The collection of the museum is impressive for a small city as Dijon. It has some masterpieces of contemporary art, medieval art, Egypt art and sculptures. It has around 80 000 art works.The medieval art is certainly the main topic of the museum.

Philip the good

I personally love the statues of Francois Rude a famous sculptor, born in Dijon in 1784.

The fine art museum of Dijon is a must see when you visit the city and it’s free! Even if you don’t really enjoy museums, the visit is pleasant thanks to the magnificence of the palace.

You can spend one hour to visit the museum if you’re in the hurry or maybe all day long if you are an art enthusiast.

Adress: 1 Rue Rameau 21000 Dijon France
Rates: free
Opening: everyday from 10am to 5pm except on Tuesdays and legal holidays


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