The street of the owl in Dijon, a must see


The main touristic attraction in Dijon is the street of the owl, “la rue de la chouette” in French. The name of the street is coming from a small statue of an owl made on the north wall of the church “Notre Dame”.

The people living in Dijon have the habit to caress the owl with the left hand to bring luck. Nobody really believes in this superstition but everybody like to touch the owl as a tradition. Thanks to this street, the owl is the common symbol of Dijon.

The heart of the old city

The street of the owl and the buildings all around are very old. The church “Notre Dame” has been built in the 13th century and the house “Milliere”, located at the number 10 of the street is from the 15th century.

rue de la chouette

The street of the owl is at the middle of the old city of Dijon, the oldest place of Dijon.

The lucky charm of Dijon

The owl is the lucky charm of the people living in Dijon. If you visit Dijon you should try to get some luck by touching the owl, maybe it’s working!

The common story tells you have to touch the owl with the left hand and make wish. Some people say you have to look at the statue of the black cat located on the roof of the house Milliere at the same time.

As for me, I just caress the owl with the left hand to bring luck.

Eat and drink at the street of the owl

When you visit the street of the owl you can have a break at the “Maison Milliere”. It’s an old and typical house converted to a souvenir shop and restaurant.


Maison Millière

There’s also a traditional French bakery at the corner of the street of the owl and the street of the “prefecture” where you can buy pastries and drinks at a good price.

Find the street of the owl

If you have the time, you can just follow the owl route or owl trail which will guide you through the city. The owl route is marked by triangle on the footpath. The map of the owl route is available to purchase at the tourist information office in Dijon for 3.5 EUR.


It takes from 1h to 3h to complete the owl trail.

If you want to go straight to the street of the owl you can take the bus to the liberation square (place de la liberation) and go through the dukes palace.

When I take a walk on Dijon old city I like to pass by the street of the owl. Every time I go there I caress the statue and I try to imagine how many people have made wishes with the same gesture. It’s centuries old tradition and one of the roots of my culture. Anyway the old city is very nice, it’s a must see in Dijon.


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